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Homemade colon cleansing

A homemade colon cleansing solution could be a colon cleansing enema or an oral colon cleansing drink. Many herbs with laxative properties can be used for a homemade colon cleansing enema. Some natural constipation remedies are ingredients for homemade colon cleansing drinks. There are several homemade colon cleansing options for occasional colon cleansing.

Homemade Colon Cleansing Enemas
Coffee, lemon juice, catnip, and senna are part of different homemade colon cleansing enemas. Coffee has stimulant properties. It grows in the tropics around the globe. Lemon juice cleanses the colon and affects the pH of the bowels. Farmers raise lemon orchards in Mediterranean and subtropical areas. Catnip is from Europe. Today, it also grows wild in America. A tea made from catnip can be used as a homemade colon cleansing enema. Like coffee, senna is a stimulant laxative. The sennosides in senna stimulate the bowels to evacuate when they are included in an enema.

Homemade Colon Cleansing Drinks

Recipes for homemade colon cleansing drinks are available in natural health guides. Dr. Linda Page gives one recipe in her book. It suggests taking apple juice, carrot juice, aloe juice, mint tea, papaya juice, and water that had raisins and prunes in it for several hours. Apples and carrots are a great source of fiber. Even though the juices of these crops don't have fiber, they still help empty the colon, because they contain other natural laxatives. Aloe juice is made from the pulp of the aloe leaf. Mint grows on farms and in the wild. Mint tea is made by soaking the mint leaves in hot water. Papaya grows on trees in the southern most parts of the USA. Raisins and prunes contain fiber and other laxative compounds. When they soak in water overnight, these other laxative compound diffuse into the water.

Drs. Phyllis Balch and James Balch wrote directions for creating a homemade colon cleansing drink in Prescription for Natural Healing. They instruct the reader to mix bentonite, psyllium seeds, aloe juice, and apple juice. Bentonite is a mineral from clay. It is mined in America. Psyllium seeds are valued for their high fiber content. Both aloe juice and apple juice contribute to the colon cleansing effects of this recipe. Homemade solutions, like commercial brands, can be either gentle or harsh, fast or slow acting.  One commercially available supplement, active magnesia mini tabs,  perform a gentle colon cleanse nightly over a week’s time.


Homemade Colon Cleansing Options


Coffee, Catnips, Lemon Juice, Senna


Carrot Juice, Apple Juice, Aloe Juice, Papaya Juice, Mint Tea, Prune Extracts, Raisin Extracts, Psyllium Seeds, Bentonite

There are many choices for homemade colon cleansing. Enemas made from lemon juice, senna, catnip, and coffee will evacuate the bowels. Drinks made form carrot juice, aloe juice, papaya juice, apple juice, mint tea, bentonite, psyllium seeds, prune extracts, and raisin extracts will cleanse the colon.  Pick the homemade colon cleansing option that is right for you.


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